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Price [USD] 

Landing Craft        
LCM 6 located on west coast of Canada BM 14x66' stretched LCM 6, 2 ea 671s, rebuilt with new 509 Transmissions. New 11'x11' house, basic electronics, new paint, very good condition. Canadian   100,000.00
LCM 8 located Pacific Northwest   steel, stock, very good condition, twin 671's   120,000.00
LCM 6 located Pacific Northwest car Large house, living quarters, 20kw gen   50,000.00
LCM 6 located Alaska tras 4 each LCM 6's in Alaska, needs work   30,000.00
LCM8 aluminum Mart Like new, 12V71's west coast   365,000.00
Four LCM 8
Located in the Pacific Northwest
M Four LCM8's available with engines. good hulls. average to good condition All have twin-pac 6-71 gmc engines [four 6-71 gmc engines] some are hydraulic and some are air. Bow ramps operable.   50-80,000.00
Landing Craft aluminum cro Landing craft the size of an LCM 8, three each 671's diesels, ac generators, big double deck wheelhouse. Located in the Pacific Northwest.   320,000.00 obo
LCU Landing Craft lou SOLD   lease
LCU Landing Craft guy 115 x 34, three 6-71 engines, with hydraulic gears, two 40kw ac generators, operable bow ramps.   200,000.00
LCM 6 geo Workboat-steel twin 671 diesels, shortened to 35' long-needs work   5,000.00
Triple Screw Tugboat NEW! R Triple Rudder, located on West Coast, GM 16V-92N   Call
31' Uniflite geo Ex-Navy mark 1 PBR, hull only fiberglass originally had twin jets installed.   3,000.00
42' workboat   671 GMC; the "Chief" Located San Francisco   5000.00 REDUCED!
70'x19' Tugboat 

Location: Pacific NW
CL Built out of Portorford cedar, 3" thick planking w/1" iron bark on the outside. Engines: DMG 38, 8 cyl, enterprise, turbo charged (Elliot). 2 each, 2-71GMC gens, new shaft and prop (both stainless steel), lots of electronics, anchor, anchor winch. Six 11,000 gal fuel tanks, bridge deck & aft deck controls. Towing winch, needs a little wood work but hull is perfect.   66,000.00
70' classic Tug m Live aboard or charter 400 hp Enterprise 2 generators, full new electronics, sleeps 9, 3 heads, hot tub, watermaker, 4 freezers and fireplace.   Call
80' Twin Screw Tug

Location: West Coast, USA
r Beam 21.2ft, draft 4' light, 5' loaded. G/NRT 139.0/103.0 FO:22,650g, Derrick: MPE Hydraulic, winch: 2 barge winches, Linepull: wire:1200'x1.25". Engines: 2xGM12V71 Keeled cooled. Mathers engine controls, Gears: TD MG512 (2:1), Shafts: 2.5" x9' 11" Props: 2-36"x18" 3-blade SS Coolidge. Generators: 2-3-7/35KW and 40KW 1,200 RPM 120/209VAC   250,000.00
120' Tugboat 
Location: California
kay Steel construction, ABS loadline, 12-567 EMD engine, 2 gens, towing winch, new tail shaft, currently ocean towing   300,000.00
Crane Barges        
Whirley 100 ton G SOLD   200,000.00
Clyde 42 Crane   240' of boom, 400 to 600 ton rating on a new barge or your barge.   Call
Clyde 500-700Ton   ABS barge   Call
Inflatable Barges   9' wide (tubes) 3' Dia. 24'Long 5000lbs per tube approx 40 or 50 3 tube units   Call
Barge 110 x34 x 10
w/ 2 each 8' x 60' sponsons
M Boiler 164,000 lbs/hr - 30 wide x60' long, dual fuel - bunker&diesel, diesel generators, Blower 450 hp-needs shore power. 650 psi working pressure. 1200 psi test pressure. Last time in use was 1996, barge size 135' x 55'. In excellent conditon. Built in 1973. Located Pacific NW  
Barge 50 x 260 x 12 [SF,CA] kay Flat deck with bin walls   Lease
Barge-paint scaffold cal 16' to 40' steel catamaran   2000.00
Shifter Cranes (3 available)NEW!   Two cranes have Detroit Diesel 453, 114 HP engines, one has CAT 3208, 210 HP engine. All built in 1975   $40,000.00 for each
Paceco Container Crane O Location Cal., see detail page for specs   Call
Alliance Container Crane O Location Cal., see detail page for specs   Call
IHI Container Crane T Location West coast usa, see detail page for specs   Price neg. please call or email us.
Peiner Container Crane T Location West coast usa, see detail page for specs   Price neg. please call or email us.
Clyde 42 Crane   250Tons@110'   2.1 million
Clyde 52 Crane   700 tons@72' Like new   8 million
Whirley   (To be built) 600ton @ 70'   4.0 million
Washington Whirley Crane   1976, 150 ton @ 130ft radius, 55 ton @ 268 ft radius   1.6million
Triple Drum Winch cal Skid mounted, 1.25" wire, air controls, 6110 gmc diesel   20,000.00 Reduced
Gardner Denver Winch   Model HK serial # 125 426 9" wide drum .5 wire 14" dia. 6"wide   2,000.00
Markey Elec. Boat Hoist   Horizontal Winch/capstan winch. Seperate brake & dog clutch, 6" wide, 14"dia. Capstan 11"dia.,5HP. Motor needs work   1,500.00
Towing Winch
Location: Pacific NW
Cal 1450 feet of 1 3/8" wire, currently on a tug.   10,000.00
Skagit Winch BU135 cal 2 drum with 671 GMC diesel   15,000.00
Winch, cable reel (2) one left cal New England model X 1399 drum size 
11' diameter by 13' wide
  25,000.00 one left
Small Winch cal with 8 hp Briggs + Stratton mtr   1500.00 ea.
Worthington Tugger Air Winch cal SOLD   1500.00
Hydraulic winch cal 1/2 wire   2500.00


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